bord dark background


year: 2015

BORD is a modular table, during ambient we showed a version of it made in copper with 4 pieces together. Because the table is modular you don’t need to use 4 pieces to make it work, you can either three quarters around a corner, two pieces(half of the table) against a wall or just a quarter of it in a corner. It’s possible to use the table without legs(if you use less then 4 pieces) by fastening it to a wall. The modularity of the table makes if perfect to fit at any locations in a home or for a coffee shop to use no matter how big or small the shop is.

The table is also available in brass and powder coated stainless steel.


bord front horizontal

bord och mesh above      bord underneath1

mesh och bord above3

bord alone black

111halvbord1      111halvbord3

bord 3quarter