krok work in progress1


year 2015

KROK is a wall mounted hook mdd in copper, the product has two hooks(one on each side) and a small pocket in the center. KROK comes totally flat(0,7mm in thickness) when sent to the end user, the user can then easily fold it into the right shape with the help of the milled lines. Because of the open pocket in the center you can use KROK for almost anything, like charging your phone in it while having the cord hanging from the bottom opening or hanging a hanger in the center and still having the hooks to use. We suggest that the end user should have more then one KROK, a couple of them dosen’t only make it convenient with several hooks but also gives the wall more alive. Because of the shape KROK also gives a very pleasant reflection when light is cast upon it, reflecting the light to all directions.

krok close up front      krok close up iso

krok work in progress

krok triple close up