mesh close close up


year: 2016

MESH is our new lamp shade. The lamp shade comes in a totally flat(0,5mm thick) package and can then be shaped by the end user no nearly any possible shape. The pattern on the product makes it possible to stretch the material and give it an 3D shape instead. The user can also combine two of the lamp shade to make a more sphere like lamp, to combine them we have already integrated a attachment solution so no extra products or tools is needed to fasten it. The whole idea with the lamp is that we wanted to corporate the end user into our product, giving them a chance to finish the product and making it more personal, instead of just buying a lamp that you suspend, but actually giving the user the opportunity to match the lamp with the surroundings by shaping it.

mesh bubbe close up       mesh above iso

mesh marble above

mesh flat close up       mesh och bord above3